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DiRT Daily

Intro to Leagues:

Welcome to DiRT Leagues! As players, this is your home to create and manage your own competitions against your friends, as well as the rest of the DiRT community.

We’ve given you the tools to create your own events, it’s up to you to carve out the experience you want. Whether that be super competitive, just for fun, or somewhere in between, it’s your call. Your League, your rules.

League description:

Relive last week's daily stages in a 7 day season! You'll re-race the dailies with no resets or retries, and your score will be tallied over a week. How consistent are you? Join the DiRT Daily League. Each season you gain Weekly Points (WP) depending on your finishing position. Where do you stack up against everyone? Check for the standings!

  • Members: 252
  • Language: English
  • Recruitment status: Open

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